Accelerate your idea to the next level.

We help students bring their idea to reality by providing them with access to resources, mentorship, equity-free funding and our network of investors.

What We Do

We Turn Students into Entrepreneurs in 8 Weeks

Our program of specifically designed content, mentors and speakers is aimed at bringing students with great ideas to become the best entrepreneur possible, all within the space of 8 weeks.

How Do We Do This?

Each participant business is provided with mentorship, access to free resources, alongside access to up to £2k in equity-free funding and the ability to connect with our extensive network of investors and associated partners.

What We Provide

Our Program Structure

Who Is Eligible?

We aim to give access to our program to all students of our associated universities. So if you are at any of the below universities you are eligible to apply.

We also allow non-Bath students to apply if one or more members of the team are from Bath.
Don't have a Bath team member? Make sure you apply to the no-idea stream where you can meet potential team-mates.

Who We Work With

Our Partners

Our large network of partners allow us to provide participants with access to deals, mentorship and advice that they wouldn't be able to receive elsewhere.

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