What We Look For

Before you apply to our programme, ask yourself these questions; how many of the below factors are you strong on and what can you do to improve?

What We Look For

Founding Team

Similar to renowned accelerator programmes and early stage venture capital funds, we look for a strong founding team with the skills, or more importantly the drive to execute their chosen idea.

Solo Founders

Founder advantage and a complimentary team are one of the key values we look at when considering admission. If you are a single founder however, no need to worry (provided you have the vision to execute). For solo founders, who may not have the required skills to execute (e.g. non-technical person pursuing a technical idea), if you are interested in strengthening your application and finding a co-founder and apply before the 18th of November, you are able to toggle the “I want to be considered for the Networking Event” on our Apply with an Idea application form, where we will match you with participants who are interested in getting involved.


As part of our selection process we look for Ideas that have the potential to be extremely successful, both with respect to the addressable market size, impact to the community in addition to the level of innovation that that your idea expects to bring. If you know your target customer, and have verified demand through real life traction, you are in a good place.


Whether you have a first iteration of your product or not, we look to test your depth of thought and thinking when it comes to the go-to-market strategy of your business. Your plan doesn’t have to be perfect, as this is something you will iterate on, and execute throughout the programme but the level of consideration you pay to the first (or next steps) of your business is critical in determining your long term success throughout our programme.


Think you’re already strong on all of the above criteria?


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